Located in Bethel, CT, Holbrook farm is a mere 12 acres, with only 2 acres in true production. With limitations to land size, the Holbrook family learned how to farm intensively while also being ecologically responsible. 

Holbrook Farm is a family farm; however, it is not the traditional version of a farm that has been tilled by the same family for generations. Although we have lived on the property for over 40 years, the expansion of our farm to one that welcomes visitors is relatively new.

While not certified organic, "Holbrook Farm has been clean of pesticides and herbicides for at least the last 40 years that we have owned the land. We don't spray with pesticides, we try to use beneficial insects and companion plants," John says, "and we don't use herbicides. Weeds have a place in the ecological mix as long as they are controlled." The use of compost and natural leaf mulch aid in fertilization and weed suppression. The success of the farm rely's almost entirely on soil health. After spending decades building the soil to its current state, there is more than enough nutrients for crops to flourish. 

What you put into the environment and what you take out matters. We farm without use of plastic mulches and we reuse plastic and other goods as much as we can to reduce the amount on the farm and the environment. We want to leave the land in better condition than we found it. 

John and Lynn Holbrook Owners of Holbrook Farm, Bethel, CT

John and Lynn Holbrook
Owners of Holbrook Farm, Bethel, CT