This year we will have 3 tiers of pre-paid cards, each one offering something a little different!

These cards NEVER EXPIRE and are REFILLABLE. You can begin using them immediately, making them convenient and user friendly.

This past year was a great start. We had about 30 people sign up in 2016 and continued to refill their CSA gift cards throughout the season. We raised about $15,000 from customers and another $15,000 from our restaurant partners totaling $30,000 of pre-funding for 2016!

CSA members got to enjoy special perks throughout the season like 30% off greens when there was an abundance and free cherry tomatoes.

These perks will continue throughout the season as long as membership continues, including additional "rewards"  for signing up with us for this coming 2017 season!

$300 Partnership Card

If you pre-buy $300 (or add $300 to existing cards) you will receive a free Holbrook Farm T-Shirt! They're super soft and really awesome! (Currently being screen printed at Low-Brow Print Shop in Bethel, CT!)

$600 Partnership Card

Have a drink on us! Pre-buying $600 (or adding $600 to existing cards) will get you a bottle of wine at House of Yoshida in Bethel, CT! You also get a free Holbrook Farm T-shirt!

$1,000 Partnership Card

YAY! $1,000 will get you...ONE FREE TICKET to any 2017 Holbrook Farm Dinner event. (If the partnership card is purchased prior to October 15th, 2016, the free farm dinner ticket may be redeemed for our last 2016 FARM DINNER.) You will also get a free Holbrook Farm T-Shirt!  

CASH OR CHECKS ONLY for pre-paid gift cards.


Holbrook Farm
45 Turkey Plain Road
Bethel, CT 06801

order your pre-paid card here:

Step 1- Fill out the form below.

Step 2- Send us a check with desired amount to pre-pay. Checks payable to Holbrook Farm. Please DO NOT send cash through the mail. 

Step 3- Once we get your check, we will send you your card and FREE SHIRT!

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