Spring is coming! I'm more than ready, In fact, i'm getting antsy! To kick start this season, john and i are teaching a seminar on how to start your home garden. we hope that you can attend! to buy tickets and find out more about this event, click here.

thank you! -xo jess

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, or maybe not, I have not been able to attend the Westport Farmer's Market this winter. It's been a more than complicated process and would love to discuss if you ask. I apologize for the confusion, however, I completely support the market and all who make it possible. It's incredible and all of the vendors are fantastic so if you haven't been, I encourage everyone to see it and experience all the love and passion (and great food!) the market has to offer. I am working closely with the market master (who is truly amazing) to hopefully participate next year. 

On another note, the Sugar & Olives team and I have decided to switch our market day from Fridays to Sunday Brunch. Please come visit for great food and great produce! 

This winter has been a great experience. I've had the wonderful opportunity to really connect with our awesome customers and I can't wait to work my buns off this season and share (in what I hope to be) an incredible bounty of produce. I really can't say it enough. I love what I do. I love the people I work with. And I love all of you who come to support us. Thank you for being a part of our farm and our family.  

     - Lots of Love!
      Jess, Farm Manager, Holbrook Farm